Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 35

13th Floor, acrylic on canvas For the Record, mixed media on wood energize the community of Flemington just like we did in Fishtown and Northern Liberties and Old City Philadelphia. Grassroots. Put the buzz of the arts on the streets and in the homes of the wonderful people of my community,” he says. This is a good example of how a collective can shape the life of individuals. While inspiration can be found in most places, sup- Overpopulation, acrylic on canvas port cannot. With a rapid growth spurt spreading throughout Central Florida, we need to support local art outreach programs and give them the opportunity to grow with our community. Over the past few years, I’ve seen Orlando start to develop its own image and seen public art become more prevalent. This is exem YYYHHZ[\ڙX H[]KHYHX\YZ[]\[]ۘ\KHԓS]\[ۈ[H۞x&\[]X[ܙKx&]HH[[ۋ]\š\HX]\و\XX][[\ܝ[] [H[YH[ܙH]]ۚ Bܛ[&\\[B