Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 32

cess and what you want to do. I used to overthink a lot of my work, and HG has helped me go from idea to creating, and then going back and reworking if I need to. going back and retouching or redoing. It’s amazing because it’s given me structure. As a professional artist, if you don’t have a structure, you won’t be successful. Good - you answered my next Do you believe Orlando has question. I was going to ask if an art identity? HG has affected your personI would like to say yes. Honal work. Taking up so much estly, I think it’s more abof your energy, does it drain stract based. But the art scene you of any creativity? Obvihere… urban art hasn’t picked ously not, based on what I up the way it’s supposed to. In see here. my immediate circle, we do a It’s like an industry, if you’re lot of figurative work. a doctor working private practice and you also work in the What was the question again? hospital, eventually there’s Do we [the Orlando art scene] going to be something that have defining characteristics? suffers. At the beginning, my I don’t think we do. Orlando’s Here I Am an Immigrant Against My Will, acrylic on canvas personal work suffered. Beall over the place. We don’t cause I wasn’t thinking about have a concrete scene yet, it’s what I was going to do here [at Peterson’s studio]. You completely different in each area. We’re so divided, it’s know I may not be proud of a lot of things in my life, hard to pinpoint what our “scene” is. but I’m proud that if I died – knock on wood – so