Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 31

Yeah, it’s a cultural icon. When I first moved here, I thought, how dope would it be to be a part of B-Side. Yeah, B-Side used to be part of the city. We did a lot of things, there wasn’t an event in Orlando that B-Side wasn’t at. Music, art, movies, we were there. Obviously, everyone grew and started doing their own thing. When did you move to Orlando?— —2013 So you never saw what B-Side use to be. On Orange Ave, every Wednesday night there were close to - artists outside painting live. You couldn’t go downtown without seeing art. There’s a new generation of B-Siders. What are your thoughts on them now and their direction? It’s great, some of the new artists are phenomenal. It’s great to have them, some of the old timers have gotten complacent. They find their niche and stay there. Whereas the youngens, the youngbloods, are injecting the passion that some of us old timers have lost. Because as long as we’re making money, we forget the passion. Some of us have families and have to make sure our families eat. But that young blood injected in there, they’re challenging us, they’re saying, “Yo, you better come strong, that weak stuff isn’t going to work.” So I’m proud of them. You heard of Halsi? He started coming around when he was - if not younger than that. And over the years, he’s grown so much. Now he’s , and he’s never stopped reppin’ B-Side. He’s more consistent than the rest of us We Can Be Heroes, acrylic on canvas Awatif, acrylic on canvas B-Side commands respect. The name, does it still have the same influence it used to? I can’t answer that question because I pulled myself away from that name. I’ve gotten lost in my head, and in my own world, I fell in love with what B-Side use to be, the community, the togetherness. We did things together, and we don’t do that anymore. I guess we’ve all outgrown it. We only come together probably for the yearly show. And that’s the only time we see each other. But we’re still proud of the name, though. I’m proud of being a B-Sider. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am now. When I moved to Orlando, I wasn’t doing art, and without those guys, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I got so lost in the regular life. It was go to work, come home, watch T.V., go out with some friends, grab some drinks. And always look forward to weekends. I hated that. B-Side changed that. Without B-Side, the love I have for art now, I don’t think I would’ve had that. I wouldn’t have been able to fall in love with art all over again. Thanks Peterson. Can we talk more about your processes, influences? And your involvement with HG Arts. Because we’re caught up now to the present. HG Arts, and your current work. HG Arts stands for Hospitality Gallery, as far as I know. And it’s only to the trade, to designers. The stuff we do: we outsource original artwork and we get license from the artists to reproduce their original artwork. We don’t just reproduce art, so were not a factory in that sense. HG studio artists produce a large volume of work on a weekly basis, and each artist in the studio produces between - pieces of art. So there’s no time to think pro- Orlando’s Art Scene 30