Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 30

I also grew up in religion, and even though I’m not involved in it anymore, I’ve found there’s always an underlying subconscious amount of religion present in my life. Do you find that it seeps into your life, and into your art? Oh yeah, for example, my necklace is a rosary. I took the cross off and replaced it with a paint brush. It has the two things I keep closest to my heart, which is God and my ability to paint. No matter what, the spiritual always follows, it’s my backbone. No matter how frustrating life gets, I can always fall back on that. I would never preach to you, or quote scripture. But that’s because for the life of me I don’t remember any. Actually, I think I know one. And it goes: “Jesus wept”. I think you misquoted that verse! Does the red circle you paint have anything to do with your faith? Nah, the red circle started as a joke almost six years ago. I used to always love artists that used gimmicks in their art to capture attention. Anyways. There’s two things I put in my work, the rubber ducky, and the red circle. We had a store a couple years ago. I did a piece, a monkey with a rubber ducky on his shoulder, with a red circle as a target. But then it was the thing that people recognized the most. And it has more meaning to me now. And also, there’s the underlying “windows to the soul”. I hate painting eyes, man. I find most artists do. It’s either eyes or feet. My thing was feet and eyes, but now I’ve started working on feet too. the art district in Miami. What used to be the worst place in Miami over , years ago. Now there’s Gucci, Prada, and Tom Ford right across from the school. Our school was what started the standard for high art and what the design district should be. When I was in school, there was nothing in the area. We had top of the line industry standard. I was using Photoshop when it was Photoshop or . What is it now, something like Photoshop 97? Yeah, I’m going to stop talking, I feel old now. Every year there’s something new and it’s the same damn thing. So the foundations of your education were design-oriented. Where did you go to college? My first year of college, I went pre-med. My mom said, “Fine, you got art out of your system, now go do something that will make you money.” So I went to FIU. And I couldn’t do it. I switched my school, without my mom knowing. Ended up in CCS, College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Started in animation, didn’t dig it, switched to studio art. [Detroit] was fun, but never again, it was too cold. I feel you. I lived in Memphis my freshman year. When did you move to Orlando? . And I got involved with the B-Side in . Back then it wasn’t B-Side yet. They had a foundation here and there. It started because Swam, Tre, Tobar, and Lemus, they all knew each other. I think they all went to school together. One day a friend of mine told me to come downtown and start shooting photos of random people. And I didn’t want to do that. Well, I did, and we ran into Tre. And [Tre] said, “Yeah, matta fact, Swam has a shop.” Well, the following weekend I went to the shop. Met Swam, started talking, and that was it. We Use To Be King, acrylic on canvas Well let’s go back to the beginning. Studying When I f