Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 29

Peterson Guerrier by Jonathan Yubi I migrated to Orlando in the fall of 2013. I spent the first six months hidden away in Avalon Park, deep in East Orlando. Yet, even from my wasteland fortress, I heard the name B-Side. It struck me with a passion, and I knew there was nothing that could keep me from befriending what I considered to be some of Orlando’s art legends. One of the last – yet most memorable – artists I encountered from the B-Side collective, was Peterson Guerrier. I immediately realized he was the quintessential artist. He created deep and meaningful work, dressed with an elegance and sophistication I would see in movies about Bohemian artists, and was always surrounded by beautiful people. erything was in Miami. Man. Kids are jackasses, myself included. Were you a terrible child? I was a horrible child. Most people see me now and they say you don’t look… but I used to skip a lot, fight a lot. I was the skinniest one in my group, so I always felt like I had to prove myself, which is a trait that still kinda lingers. As a kid, the minute something happened, I jumped in. I still feel like I have to prove myself sometimes. Over time that changed, I realized there was more to life than fights. I wanted to do good in school for the sake of my mom, because I really respect her. After exhibiting in a group show alongside Peterson last It was the typical, “art saved my life”. But other than that, month, I XYHX[ۈ[H[X\\[Y]\H[[Y\x&YH^[Z\ˈ^H\H\HZBۈHTY\ˈH\]H[HX\H][[\[[HZYܚ x&Y^Z\[\ܛۙHوܚYx&\Y[[[Y\\ˈY\HYY^HHZYܚY\] \H\\YH]ܙY][[\و\XKHXZH\^H\Z\Y]H[x&YYH[\\\[\\B\Y[ˈ]\ۈ\H\BYܘ]]HHˈܛ[\ BY[HXKXܞ[Xۈ[\^YYHوܝˈ\H\BX[ۈو[\XYX[ΈX[KXܞ[Xۈ[\\H]^HH\ˈH]B[\ˈHYXۈHܝ\^Hو\ܛHXY^[K\x&\\[^\Y ][BH[\XK[]Z]H[K]\HY\ۈ\[\Bx&[H[Y]Y ]H[وZ[[[\H]H[^H\]\[Hٸ&\[\XݙK][[[ۙHوH]\܈BH]H[܈H[\Y]˂[[YH][ܙX[B]\ˈ[]\]\HY\ۋ[H[[H\Yو[BܙX[Z[]\H[[\Bx&\H]]\ۈY[[H[X]KH[\YX^RHYY[Y]\H]BH[[^[H\H]H] BXܙ\۸&]ۛYH[YZ]] ]\ۈY\]H]ق[ۈZ[X]^HY[[X[\[H܋[HX\]]\\H\”]\ۋ[H[\\\B]\ۋH\Y[[^H[\\ ]\۸&\Y[]H\B[وZ[]H[ x&[HB]\Y܈^HYK[H\Y܈[\YO۸&]B\Y܈[\YK\H[H[Y[\Y[H[Bو[YH[H\ܛ[\’HY ^H[Z[H\\H[Y[\ˈB[Hو[YK[\Y\][[XK[\ ^H[Z[B\][^HY[\ \X[K[&][ˈ][K][ˈH؜\YBX] []\HY^HY [ۋ]\ [\ۙK™[Y\\]\[ˈH[][^HH[XYH܈Y\ ^H[Z[H\X[H[Y[\˂x&[H x&[H\]X[ ][Y[\˂\H\H[HܛX[“ZX[ZKܚYKܚY[[HHZ]K]^H[Z[HZYܘ]Y[YK\x&\Hو[[YX[^Bܘ[XH\[ P[YX[[^Hܘ[Y\Z]X[^H\ܛ[Z]K[^HY\˜ܛ[)[YKx&[HY]] x&[BY]Y[[ܞHYHܙ]\[ZX[ZKYH[[\K]ܛ[&\\[B