Artborne Magazine July 2016 - Page 12

From the Desk of Pat Greene Monuments Evolving by Pat Greene Robert Smithson published Monuments of Passaic in Art Forum in . His essay included photos, featuring the town of Passaic, New Jersey (Smithson’s birthplace). The photos of Passaic captured the blight of the area, while presenting it as art. His title pays faux reverence to industrial structures, by referring to what was widely considered to be an eyesore as a monument. His written essay was part detached travelogue, and something resembling a scientific journal. Some of the more well known examples are the Christos and Banksy. He seemed to be following the lead of Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades, who roughly fifty years before Passaic displayed a urinal, snow shovel, and a bicycle wheel as art, and stated that if the artist feels it’s art, it’s art (paraphrased). There are still plenty of conversations by educated and informed people in the art world asking whether different artists work is art or not. I doubt that these tedious conversations will ever go away. When I hear people express their frustration that they can’t get a show in a gallery or a museum often I’ll bring up Smithson and others who made their own rules.. An English professor friend of mine uses Smithson’s essays in his English classes. Smithson’s writing may have given credence and lasting power to Land Artists. He was a great writer who gave clarity to his ideas. Interestingly Poet William Carlos Williams was his pediatrician. I would like to imagine that he too was an influence. In the late ’s I was given a copy of Greil Marcus’s book Lipstick Traces. The book showed the parallels and connections between the Dada Movement, The Situationist International and Punk Rock. Until then, I had no idea that the Sex Pistols manager Smithson is more Malcolm Mcwell known for his Laren was inSpiral Jetty, but the terested in the Passaic piece laid Situationists, a photo by Ashley Inguanta down the conceptua ܛ\و[[][ۈ܈\[HHHHH]K[]HXYXœHHܚH\\\˂\\[[H]HYۚYX[B\\ˈH]HXH]\X][ۚ\˜Y[\[HۜY\YY]Y]BH[\\XK]ܛYY[\H۝[X][ۂYXYBوX[\8&\\XXK^BY[\Hۈ]XܙHXY\\]Z]ۂ\وHܛ\^[YH۝ܛH[[[\][ۈ]\Yԛؙ\Z]ۋ\[]H NM X\]]Y[ܞ\[[ˈ[ۘ[B\\YY[\Y\›Y[Y”˜BX܂\\]\B[]\][\ˈ\š[[Y[YY\\[BY]BقB[]\KXXK[HXYHH[H\YۈHˈBو\HHݙH\[H[\K[]\][K[\H[H\H\Y\وY\\[Y[^YH[H[\HH[H[\KZ]۸&\[X][\Y\[\[ۚ\]܈XX\ˈ[X]X[HH›]\][\\[Y X]\HH]Y][^[ۙ][H[HY[H\H۝[\ܘ\KX]\HH][ق\Y]Y\H[\ \[\Y&]\XHXXH\[^\][˂H ]Hۛ\H\H܈[\Y\[]HXYXܚˈ۝[[ۘ[[\Y\[]\][\[HZY H8&\X[HX\[Y]H^\[X^HHHY\Y]]܈[\\]X[H[]\HH^\ˈ^H\HX\[&\\ڙX ۛۈ\\H]\]ܚ]XYXڙXˈHYXH\[H[YYHܛ[][[^B[]HY]8&\\[YY H\[YHܛLBːTԓSPQVSKB