Artborne Magazine December 2016 - Page 8

James Wyeth, Bean Boots, 1985, oil on panel, 37 x 50 ¼ in., 43 x 56 ¼ x 1 1/8 in. (framed). Collection of the Farnsworth Art Museum, Gift of the Cawley Family, 2001.29.1. © Jamie Wyeth. Image courtesy of the Farnsworth Art Museum. OPENING JANUARY 20, 2017 As a source of inspiration, Maine has played an important role in American art and culture since the 19th century. It was particularly attractive to early American painters who interpreted the State’s vast wildernesses and rockbound coast as emblematic of the nation’s rugged independence and unique spiritual relationship with ɔQ)ɕٕɕȁɔՕѱɥѕЁ)!٥Qɕ׊éQ5]́չ)٥Յɕͥѡѥ́Ʌѥ́)ѥ́ݡٔݽɭѡMхє()QɹݽѠЁ5͕մ́ѡ)ɕЁѥ́ѥ䁅ѥ́5)Ցݽɬɝ ̰IЁ!ɤ)5͑!ѱ䰁 !ͅ!1)Iݕ-Ё)5ɥQ5͕մͼ)́хѥѥ́ѡɕ)Ʌѥ́ѡ]Ѡ丁Q́ɥ)ᡥѥɝ镐ȁѡ=ɱ5͕մ)ЁչѥݥѠѡɹݽѠ)5͕մɅѕ́ѡѠٕͅ䁽)ɕ܁]ѣéѠ(()5)ٔ)=ɱ(ܸ́ظ(ܸظāܹйɜ)ܹйɜ))88)5)ٔ)=ɱ)10(((0