Artborne Magazine December 2016 - Page 55

already an engineer with a family. He started dancing lessons in 1972, twinge of guilt at unintentionally robbing her of successfully surprising and found that he “enjoyed the hell out of that.” the newcomer. The floor is a little emptier, but the remaining dancers handle the tempo with panache. Handkerchiefs emerge at the end to One of the dancers makes a request for Herman’s arrangement of mop sweat from brows. “How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?” I make my way to the opposite side of the hall to discover the story Joe and Lucy Birkemeier travel weekly to Orlando from Ocoee. The of the couple that JoHelen and others suggested. It’s a story more couple has been coming to Marks Street for upwards of fifteen years, touching, poignant, and lovely than I ever would have guessed. Mauwhen the band playing was smaller, and the dancers were far greater rice Salamy met Sally, “the most beautiful woman [he’d] ever seen,” in number. Joe had done competitive dancing in a Balkan folk dance when he popped up on the street level from a New York City subway group in his youth in Ohio. The Birkemeiers are 87 and 85 years old, during Fleet Week in 1947, and immediately asked her to go dancing. respectively, and an observation shared by them and other couples is A single mother of two girls, Sally tried to put him off, but he was perthat the reduction in dancers is for obvious reasons: they are aging and sistent. She relented on the condition that of the dance halls nearby, dying, which is impossible not to notice because there are fewer and he tak ȁѼqѡͥٔtЁ݅ɐѡɽ՝Ё啅)ݕȁչȁхɽ)ɥɕѡѼѡ啅ȀĸM݅)܁ɕѼɅєȀѠѡ丁͔ѡeٕ) Ёѡɔ́չȁЁѡ̸͕]Ѡݕɕ䰁ѡ䁵Չ䁽Ё)ս兹аɕɕͥɝ䰁)! ɕMȰq)!٥ٽ܁ɕ݅ɕ䁅Ёѡȁ幅Ք唁9٥)]Ѡэ9t́%ɥ͠ɸչɝ䁥ٕЁȰѡх́ȁѡͥQɕ啅)Ʉ͡Ёɕ́ݥѠոѕɸɕ͍ЁѕȰЀ̰M͕݅䰁٥͕ٕɅɕ(̃ ȁɰḾѡɔݥѠȁ܁ѹȰdѥ䁵ɥ́ȁ5ɥݕٔ啅́ȁչȸ)Սѽȁɔ=ɱQ䁅ɔհѡ唁9٥䁵ٕ5ɥMéɽѥ+ ȰݥѠѡɥхаЁѡ䁍ɱѽ丁ѕȁMéͥ͡ѕ͕ѼхЁѡɽ)ͼхɔЁѼ͡܁ѡȃ ɵѕ̸QeɔɕљհɕԴɹɽͼѡЁ5ɥݽձѥՔѼٔ)̰)!́䁽ѡ́ѡɔM՝́$хѹȸ%Ё́嗊QаɅհ͵Qݡ5Ѽѡȁݡ́ձɕɭѽ䰁ݡ٥Յɥ܁ݥɱ̰Ʌ̰ѕ́ݥѠ)ѽЁѼѽ͔ѡ͕Ё啅́Ё)]Ё́QՕ͑䁹́Ёѡ5ɭ́MɕЁMȁIɕQх́ѡͱ܁ɽՍѥѼѡȁɅЁ%ɕѥ ѕȁ́͵ͱ%ӊéЁ͹䁵9ѡ) ɇẽq]Ёtɽ͡QѡѕЁѡ ͡䁽ȁ䁽ȁՐȁѕѥɅ%ӊé͵չյ)Ёͼȸ1Ս ɭȁ́)ѠѼݡɔ$հݕ䰁յQɗéͥٔɅͥѥݥѠ)!dḾ͔ѼݥѠɥѽɥ̸Mѽɥ̸Ȁ԰ӊéѼѡՉ)Ʌѽɥݥȁ唰ݡ́݅ɹq]э)ݡӊéѼЇt$ͅЁȁѱ䁥ɵ)eԁ͕ɔ)ȁѡЁ$܁ѡЁѡͽ́Ѽ)=Ʌ չ0)ѕɥѡ ȰѼ)ͽɽ镬()=ɱéЁMظĸ((((