Artborne Magazine December 2016 - Page 22

Kyle The Former Pollyannaish Man in Uniform by Jenn Allen Walking into Kyle’s indoor studio space, we were faced with a large painting of a photorealistic astronaut falling with his hand extended. Reaching up is a comic strip style woman who appears to be falling upward. The two figures within the painting are portrayed in completely different styles, yet they exist together in the light void within the canvas. Kyle has an amazing talent for combining different styles of painting all within one beautiful image that appears to be some kind of larger-than-life collage. He also explores the themes of devastation and relationships through sculpture and shadow boxes, but we begin our interview talking about the anonymous man falling through the sky, his face shielded by the iconic glare of an astronaut’s helmet. Do you collect magazines and comic books since you use them for your sketches? Yes, but I’m not responding to the narrative in the comic books—I don’t even read what they’re saying. For example, I love people falling. If I find a good falling picture, it will go in a stack. I have stacks of boxes. The pieces that are collages are mock-ups. If they work, I sell them and make bigger pieces. So you start off with the collage, and then you paint them? The collage informs the painting. It’s always