Art of Dying Volume II - Page 78

34. Story: “At my father’s funeral, the minister said that the reason so many people showed up was that he was a devout, church-going believer. He was not.” She burst into tears. 35. Many of us wonder and worry about what will happen (if anything) after we die. We rarely think of all the time that preceded our birth. 36. Many who have lived through the carnage of war are ruined. Some seem unscath Y HYH[^HK˂HۙH\H\ܝY]Y\]\H[\[^H]\ H]Z\Z\[YۛX[Y[H\]X[B[HYܝXH]HXوZ\ۈ܂\&HX]˂ KHH[\HX]\H\œ\\HZH[ۙ^H[\]]HXY[[][\܂ܛHHY\YK H\]Y[H\Y]Y\[ێ^H [Z[K\\\][Y ^HYXX[\\[ۘ]H[Y\H]\[\]ˊHY\\[X]X] [ H\H\H]X]]\[\\ˈ[H[&]\ ˂H[[YYX][HY\X\[[HT܈XY KH[\X[\ܝY]X]ۛHX[YHX[[HY\Hݙ\BۙYYYY  H\[Y[[X]H]X]YHZ[\ܘY[[]Z\B[\[]H\H[\YY [BY[H^\[\[\˂]\ٞZ[^ ^HZY^H\HY\Z[YK]\[H[]\K HYH]H؜\YHX]^H^H]H8'\] 8'B܈8'[\x'H܈[8']\x'H܈8'Y8'HX][HK KHH[HY[[ۛHX]YK[وHY[ZY]]\X\Y\܈[H[\[HX[BوY[ H܈HЕ[][]KHX\وRQ\]\\]^KH][H[˜][[H]X]YHZ[Z\\ KHHX]وH[[HHܚYYX[X\[[[\YYX܈H\][[L x'H\[H]\Xx'H\H]Bو[\]H܈BܚY][˂ ˂H܈HYX[[Y\X[[][]KHܜ܈وXB[[H[Z[YX]]YH[Yܙ] ˑPUQKBTшRS