Art of Dying Volume II - Page 6

In Memoriam JON UNDERWOOD Jon Underwood, the founder of Death Cafe, died suddenly on Tuesday 27th June from undiagnosed acute promyelocytic leukaemia. He was a quietly spoken, deeply compassionate radical, who bettered the lives of millions of people all over the world through his work creating Death Cafes. He was just 44. Jon was always the first to point out the originator of the idea was Bernard Crettaz, a Swiss sociologist, but it was Jon's low key evangelism that gave the idea momentum here in the UK, and thanks to his confidence in the social benefits, and his generosity in sharing it (he held the reins so lightly as to be almost invisible) Death Cafes have become a global phenomenon. Jon was married to Donna Molloy, whom he met at Corpus Christi College in Oxford, and they have two children. Jon was both intellectual and deeply spiritual - his degree was in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Jon immersed himself in Tibetan Buddhism, giving up well-paid tech work to manage the Jamyang Centre in South London, working alongside his beloved spiritual teacher, Geshe Tashi. In 2002 he took up a role in Tower Hamlets Counc VFrVW&r&V7G2F7W'BWffVFW'2BF6R77VW2bFPDT%$tदVFW'vBv2fVGW&VBfVRb'BbGrR6&V@2fVGW&R'F6R$FVF7Ff6 Bwwr'FfGrWBF6GfFvVBRVgBFvW"WG2#FFWfV2v&V7G0&VBFVFv&VW72676FRgVW&2BGW&FVFf6ƗFW2आRFVB7G&rƖ2vFזrBv2vFVBFR6VG&RFBgVW&2BvF&FBvVB&VƗ62v2f'7BऒfR&VV&fVvVBF7B6WfW&FVF6fW2BvRW FRFVFW6wB6VV6w&VF'&Vr7G&vW'2VWB6BBG&氧FVVB6RBF67W72FVFf"GvW'2&VƗGFW6&V6P7'V6&W2bWG&&F'F7दVFW'7FBFBVRfRF'7Bf"FRWFVF2vrF6V7BFVWW"WfVB6&rW"WW&V6W2bFVFW"fV'0BW2vRVrRbFR6W7BbV7W&W2bW"6'BƗfW227V6vv2&Vǒ7&VFr76Rf"VG2b6&VBw&6SF7F&VvgVW&&ƗGFVW&VBB6gFVVB'FR'&Vr`'&VBFvWFW"FVv2fVV6RFRGW&FVFfVVBv0VvRv7W&RRvVBfR67FVBFBRv2FR'VRBFRW6WFv&rvFFVF2FVvBRFBFRv&B2gVbVFW'vG26766W&vRBFVw&G&RFR&VG&6b7@VRw2W'6ƗGǒ&BV6B6&7V7F6R&VBW2WBb6RदWrF2FBV&FVBBWfW'FrRFBदVfW2&VB2vfRF2Gv6G&Vg&Bvb267FW"22'&FW"GB2FW"7VR27FWfFW"Ɨ7F"B0fFW"֖RB֖Ɩ2bw&FVgVVRvRWfW"WB *'WW'B6VFW"&F6VFW'FW"b%BbEp