ART Habens Art Review - Page 96

ART Habens Diego Bernaschina a non-verbal message. So the video art show’s to break down the barrier of incommunication between deaf and hearing, because the deaf who don't listen in the other way of understanding and live in reality to communicate in difficult times. codification signed in various scenes of his obsolete life. Always done it’s going to be obsolete at that time. Nobody explains that obviously the methods used as the digital technology to transform the new media art. The important thing is that the viewers can visualize objects in their mind, as well as the ability to imagine an object in different manipulation techniques through the mass media, for thinking the reality as a recurring joke. Just as a situation so crude to express the provocative emotions of the spectators, although I'm always late to hear that their inability to control; although not even his viewers had believed the fake video artist, and they always thought that the work of Código de señas that could be incommunicado with the rest of the video. And even that many Chilean journalists made the mistakes regardless of the wording supervised with the 6'&V7BFW&2FPv&Bb&FVbWFR"'WBN( 2F6W&W2@&ƗfW2f"6VW&Ɨ7G2FW2FV`VRw&R67W7FVBF6'&V7FrFP֗77VVBv&G2FWF( BFBFP6vW2bF6R6vf6BFW&2FW&^( 0FRFVvFFRFRFW&2W6VB &W"FRW'&'2Bv26RFW6RVPvW&R6VBW'FRVFFFRf FvBVR&WBFR&&FRFW&0F&VfW"FFRVRvFV&p&VBFff7VBF66VfR66V&V7BvV7GVFVBBFRVfW'6FBFV6;6v6FP6R4g&FW&RFRFRFfFV@6W'6W2FF&VR&V2b'G2FW6v@VGV6F&Vf&RVFW&rFW6R6W'6W2GW&rג6FBBFW66V6RFVF6FVBח6VbFFrBFp&W6V&6&VFVBF'7G&7BFr2vV2w&VBחFb7W'&VƗ67V'6WVVFǒVFW&VBFW6R6W'6W26vVBגƖfP&F6ǒf"RN( 2BV7FF֗BF@FRvBFV6VRFv&FffW&V@F66ƖR'F7F6ǒF2FFR6FV֖0w&WFBV&VB6WfW&&62&V2GFW"גVƖf6FǒגVff'BFV&BWW&V6RFRWrFV2F&Vvw&2FW6v6"FV'Fw&fFVBFV6wb6W'6RFW&^( 2FR'BbFRW'6V'BFRWW&V6RbFRFV`6VG6RFN( 2vvVWfW"( ЦfVV6VBRvFFR66'BFfW7@FR&f6FvFFR6RVvB`V&rVRGFW"vB27BFV`VRfVBF&V6RvBVFW"FFFRvW"bf7VvW7GW&6F7Bגv&6'&W7G2FFR&VƗGF6fW7V677VPBv2FR&W7B7GVFVB"FR&W7@'F7BBǒFGfFvRbvr@W6vrFRv&2bFR6V7F0'F7G26FV&'FW&6@6R'F7G2g&WW&RB&VFà7W'&VƗ67GR&&W'FGF6f&F #0@P