ART Habens Art Review - Page 92

ART Habens Diego Bernaschina the gestural production’s attracted by aesthetic thinking about the message of gestural writing. So much the discrimination of the gestures that were manipulated. There’s no good culture to recognize the practice so habitual. That's why I chose some scenes about the visual analysis of images. There’s a great similarity of customs between the story of the time past and present. It exists when it occurs to the problems of corporal punishment; of the mockery by the auditory disease; of the quarrel over the negative consequences of school learning; of the abusive business by the cochlear implant; and of the annoyance by misspelled of that obsolete term of "deaf-mute". So it shows the history of past-present- future time. As a different approach to the story of time to determine the daily consequences through social life in situations of hearing impairment. As much visuality as a visual perception corresponds a series of images of the people affected by deafness at that time. I always get used to seeing the screen, and almost the whole life of watching news, movies, videos, photos, Internet, etc. that appear the subtitled texts and the sign language interpreters. At the end of the twentieth century (or during the 1980s and 1990s), there were no standards of accessibility to public information and digital communication to focus the needs of support towards an inclusive culture. It’s too late to start a new generation of inclusive society in the current century. As well as a provocation of the works, since nobody fulfilled to keep a good social life more accessible. So much the frustration of distancing information. However, my work relates a codification of Special Issue the hands through the message in silence, without sound. Nobody understood each other your strange message. So much the struggle to improve the subtitled texts, because there’re different Chilean channels via television media of audiovisual form as the rupture and the conflict of the central news through a small picture of interpretation in sign language. In that picture’s too small; it’s 23 4 05