ART Habens Art Review - Page 86

ART Habens Diego Bernaschina complicated me to learn a good designer. That's why I needed with more experience of artistic education. Save time in the physical work to create in various projects of graphic design and multimedia. Subsequently, I took a small course at the Universidad de Los Lagos as a good apprentice of coding to create the art on the web. That's why I learned in many things about the life of social exclusion in Chile. The life’s very hard to reflect on my own works of art, since I was not prepared to expose my aesthetic criteria. It was a bad move to be an incapacitated artist, that's to say, he didn’t opt to include a role of visual artist on the artistic trajectory. It was a low profile, always it was removing the reality towards an elite art or the culture of the reputation; but give importance to creating the own work of the imagination and free thought. Almost all the life that it observed in a malaise with the political situation, poverty, marginalized, social discrimination, labor impediment towards the social diversity. That's why, I came up with the idea of projecting images over the video art to manifest and interpret the social reality so crude. Thus a paradigm change in the artistic and social context to improve the people living on the miseries of everyday life. creates its thinking about the problems of today's society in Chile, of course, the portraits of inexplicable memory about everyday life. Only my mind’s recurring to produce in different proposals, observing it my own works. Very difficult to speak the readers, especially artists, curators and critics, without having a word about the shared work. For many of them have an unstable relationship. Not always to have a good quality of projects dedicated by This’s about an approach of different projects dedicated with the social art —also with relatively environmental art— such as painting, digital art, photography, video art and web arts. So my mind always plays and Special Issue 23 4 05