ART Habens Art Review - Page 80

ART Habens Ante Kustre who does something concrete and necessary or, at least, fun and profitable. It seems to me that whatever and in whatever material or medium I work, it strives to become art or, better to say, it is transformed into art. Only then I quit with that work. And when I was writing film criticism, they were incensed towards an essay or a short story or a hybrid of that two. In the last stage of film criticism (driven by this inclination) I called my section in the newspaper "Reading the Movie". I have to say I had no problems of understanding and acceptance of readers, on the contrary. As a film critic I was just thinking minimally about their taste and expectations, just adding in my text a bit of a spice that came to the their palate. Not then and especially not later, in my professional art stage, I never really wondered if my work would be accepted of somebody and whether they would be most understandable to anyone. I did not even care about it; with my work I want to satisfy only the actual self (in which the critic never sleeps, only a little bit shivering sometimes ). Even more of that, I want satisfy one, imaginary and ideal Reader/Spectator. It seems to me that all of my art letters and postcards are addressed to His/Her address. Of course I am satisfied (more often in last time) and happy when they, by the way, meet and others people who communicate with them, enjoy and appreciate them. I am inclined to explain these happy meetings of my works with the audience just because I do not even think about it in advance. That is why my works come to them without redundant cargo, that necessarily arises when it’s too much of thinking about oneself and about others. It’s best to think only about the work as it is created. The love that the artist has for all people makes, invisibly and silently, that his work is embraced by others. Or rejected.. Art, like love, does not impose itself. It is accepted. Or it is not accepted… on black paper, measuring 35 x 25 cm, in which I have covered all the hardest and most lenient social and political issues (most Croatian, but also European and worldwide), all the burden and garbage that the medias daily deliver. And which I can not and I do not want to consume, even reading only headlines and watching photos. I just composed all of these collages (using newspaper titles and photos), with a large amount of black humor, passages of visual poetry and conceptual folders, defending myself from their poisonous content. The collages I have mounted associatively-surrealistically, so that they can be viewed and read as a film that is listed. The line of the fabula is snaking but has a clear beginning, a jazz crescendo and an unexpected, poetic epilogue. When I finish, I'll be delighted - and then look for a publisher in Croatia for printing it. In September, I am waiting for the solo exhibition "NEW ARTIST IN TOWN". It will be my most complete presentation so far; four sections ( “Nation In Transition”, “Re/think Market”, “T. Sex" and “My Favorite Prisons"), four media (collages, photos, video and installations), four gallery rooms and four heteronyms (as my discret hommage to Fernando Pessoa ). For the 40th Split Salon I make the performance "ADOPT THE ARTIST", in a lazy cage in the abandoned Zoo on the top of Marjan hill above Split. I hope that by the end of the year I will be able to complete the recording and editinig of the film "Citizen Kerum". And then, when it's all over, catch the writing of the book "SPLIT LOVE STORY", in a classic way - on a type machine! I can drum on it, which gives me the rhythm that carries me as I write. Sometimes it seems to me that my entire artistic life is nothing else and I do not work than I write: by drawings, collages, photographs, films, installations and performances. So I really wanted to write on paper again! Yet he is my second skin! An interview by and First, in the coming month, I will complete the "Adult Picture Book"; art - book of 110 collages Summer 2015 Special Issue 23 4 05 , curator curator