ART Habens Art Review - Page 79

Ante Kustre and collective future consciousness, which took 10, 20 or 30 years to reach the address and be read and understood. It is surprising and inexplicable to me but also fascinating and revitalizing. Creating something that did not exist before and in a new medium, or a combination of media, always leads to a sense of happiness, anxiety even. This living child in the artist is delighted with the new toy, the game itself, or the good result in it. It should be; artists are still enfantes terribles, right ?! An adult in the artist, with knowledge and experience, will often come to terms with reconsideration or deconstruction of an already existing one, which by his overwhelming moment mumble and provoke new combinations of old codes. So in my opus there are a lot of hybrid creations: verbal, pictorial, photographic ... Light, hilarious, and fluid freedom in the postmodern society, where everything goes (to put everything in place?) is too seductive to resist her. So, I turn to the global supermarket of ideas and signifiers but never come out of it with a stuffed basket. Measure matters! Sometimes I also play the role of ekleptic; the hybrid of Picasso's "real artist who does not borrow but steals from other artists" and kleptomaniac. I do that for easier, because one of my motto is, "I will accept every good idea, even if it was my own." But at the end of the work process, I see that my originality always comes out of my work, as a source from the earth. This clean water is the most important! The role of artist in today's society has and has not changed, as the world has and has not changed. The artists have become far more mobile, their visibility is greater and the amount of art on the planet has grown enormously. Thus the conceptual work of the Croatian artist L Galeta " Noart Earth Day", made 2008., makes a lot of sense today, tho