ART Habens Art Review - Page 76

ART Habens Ante Kustre layers - psychological, metaphorical, narrative. In composing my individual works as well as in introducing more complex entities, my aspiration to narrative is obvious, sometimes - I think - too much, but it is deep in my nature that, in whatever medium I am, at the end of the thread, I tell a story. To say something worth telling. Probably this stems from the influence of literary and film narrative in my artistic formation. But sometimes it does not make sense to me, or I have no one to say , so I am silent then ( like in performance " White Silence " at the Almissa Open Air Festival 2015 ). Zadie Smith says that autobiography has now become the main determinant of all artistic expressions, not just literature. I am inclined to agree with it completely, and how would not I, when my work was so soaked with autobiographical content. working nights I listen to music, most often the voices of Scott Walker, Jacques Brel, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Amalie Rodrigues and Mercedes Sosa, guitar of Pat Metheny, the trumpet of Miles Davis, the acordeon of Al di Meola ...... The piano miniatures of Eric Satie have been discovered in my 20's and have been following me ever since, captured by the gravity of my melancholy. Since the early Dadaist influences I have never tried to free myself. Magritt's surrealistic, stiff-looking compositions and human figures depicted from the back can be found in my photographs and photo-llages: and I have recently noticed the discrete influence of Kurst Schwiters on my assemblages. From the contemporary I am closest to Maurizio Catellan for hir provocative humor and playfulness; This man really has a nose to sniff the right theme and problem.Of Croatian artists, I have some touch points with Boris Bucan and Mladen Stilinovic. "The Symbols Show The Way," that title of an English journal Ihad cut out and glued to my collage 15 years ago. Maybe I use them fairly often for fear that I will lose ( what I'm so inclined to do)?! Behind the symbols, there are always great stories, some important narratives, and this is perhaps the reason for their avoidance in today's artistic production. This is the time of small, personal stories and testimonies, the time skeptical of the great words and gestures that have disappointed us so many times; We all float today - or swim - in the ocean of signifiers without the significance. It's OK but sometimes we need the symbol as the lighthouse, especially if we get drowned. I think symbols always remain, sometimes invisible, somewhere in the background of other Summer 2015 Special Issue Yes, art works in themselves contain something mysterious as it is open to change and which is gradually growing in front of our eyes, almost like something organic Or it is about growing up and about the artwork as a spiritual mirror in which we see how much we have grown up in the meantime and changed our perceptition, understanding and sensibility. sensibility. This may be due to the fact that his work surpasses the artist himself. It always contains more meanings and layers than the artist's intent and awareness involves. It is a very interesting and refreshing experience to me when faced with some of my old works, so I can see how new and current they are right now. They sometimes resemble the letters or postcards I sent to my 23 4 05