ART Habens Art Review - Page 75

Ante Kustre ART Habens original, authentic being. I see surrogate as a seductive bridge between existence and nothingness, one is free and the other is paid, so it could be said that, the smaller the actual human need for it is smaller, the surrogate is more expensive. It seems to me that the fear of the own freedom and authentic living is the deepest reason why the various surrogates have such a massive response. By using them, people feed their own vanity, the illusion that they are the lords of their lives and destiny. By playing with these two levels in my works, especially in collages and photo - collages, I try to warn myself and others of the dangers lurking on this path. Yes, I have several. A few years ago I printed the "Brothers in Arts" T-shirt and shared it with some of my colleagues Regularly I use the most democratized media of expression in my art, for example: as an installation, at the exhibition "New slogans for New age". Louis Bunuel, Sam Peckinpah, and Akira Kurosawa are my older brothers from the film world. Humor and the surrealist process of first, master editing and recording of the same scene with multiple cameras of second, the poetics of movement in the frame of third, are my constant inspiration and the guidepost. The younger film brother is Lars von Trier, with whom I share this range of complete artisticity of the film form (his debut "Europe" ) to his dirty approach to shooting at Dogma principles ( fe "Idiots" ). As hommage to the oldest conceptual brother, Joseph Beuys , I will perform this summer the perfor