ART Habens Art Review - Page 72

ART Habens Ante Kustre draws, in his free-time, portraits of his collegues in hibernation! Artificial intelligence of evil omen, computer HALL, killed all other members of the crew, except that Artonaut. So from Altamira to space-ships and galactic travels, the art is the priceless companion to a human, and who talks about the death of art talks about the death of the human. Its sliding on thin ice to only being design or just another sensation in the society of spectacle carries danger of death. But the art won't die at least while I'm still alive! And afterwards will still live because: „All people are artists, except Mr. Joseph Beuys“, as I ironically found on the shirt. On the other hand, I do not believe in the democracy of art, so I express my attitude to the slogan " ARTISTOCRAT" on the other shirt. This was also my reaction to the degrading status of contemporary art in Split and Croatia too. I wanted also to remind myself and colleagues about the dignity of our vocation. Artistocrat may be poor but can not cease to be artistocrat;, it is a question of spirit, talent and decent value. His arte poWera derives from his poWerty. people stop believing in truth and goodness). I believe that he was thinking of artistic beauty, because natural is already created and is self- renewing. In performance "Art must be beautiful, the artist must be beautiful", Marina Abramovic is saying something similar, and I am trying hard on both of these plans. Beauty is nutritious! I know this from my own experience; when I'm surrounded by the beauty, I almost never feel hungry; and when I am surrounded by uglyness, my appetite becomes too strong. Contemporary life has, in some aspects, become so ugly and empty of real meanings that it is no surprise that there are so many overweight people and bulimia. Art has also other powers: to change and to health: Quantum beauty photons penetrate us and make us more beautiful and healthier inside. The world became so media-centered that the borders between reality and its representations are blurred. It is as virtual really exits, it alternates more and more, and people are more and more in the virtual worlds, so seductive with their ease and speed. It is as if massive, spiritual migration is happening in a virtual way, gathering more and more people's attention, so that „real“ is becoming neglected and therefore abandoned; like a garden that has lost the gardener's attention. Today "Data- people" as I caall them ) is all around, disconected with the Nature, look at theirs screens what is natural for them. They will not recognised the three in the fornt of their eyes, they'll see and understand only the images of it on the screen. Recently, a very sexually-styled girl-robot has been constructed in Barcelona, which can, during sexual intercourse with her, show what she wants you to do, how to kiss her etc. It is a radical product of the trend to replace a man with his robotic copy and as such is inhuman, because it ultimately expresses the attitude about the man as something outdated and redundant. An endless way up and an endless way down is open to a man. I think that man cannot make a step forward in physical dimension, without metaphysically jumping upwards beforehand. Otherwise, he is sentenced to go down and backwards because standing on the spot is impossible. In his liberty, man is always exposed to the antagonistic forces, so he is constantly obliged to choose between truth and lies, actual and apparent, authentic and surrogate, real and imaginary ... The authentic truth and the truth of authenticity are not imposed on man, they are only offered to him. Such is the art, it is offered to everyone, being exposed to the risk of rejection and disenchantment, and freely accepted by the one who wants it. Dostoyevsky says that beauty would save the world (when Special Issue Perhaps it has to be that way, perhaps a man must really reach the very end in the process of self-alienation and self-abolishment, so that, being just at the edge of the abyss that necessarily opens, he could return to his 23 4 05