ART Habens Art Review - Page 7

An interview by and , curator curator Max Leach Max Leach (b. 1993, UK) is a Visual and Media artist working and living in the UK Max's practice encompasses a post media approach, enquiring society and reality, taking in site, installation, performance and online platforms, with which to he uses to navigate issues of identity and anthropology in relation to behavioural cultures and systems within the post internet era. Leach examines thePost Ford-ist society via exploration into service culture and screen cultures. He aims to create arresting work that reveals the absurd and uncanny within societal norms and systems. Engaging with contrasts between the perception and physical experience of space in his video sculptures and installations. An exploration of diegetic and nondiegetic sound his work evokes the spectator’s relation to their surroundings and the virtual. The role of the institution and environment is always something that I’m conscious of, as it’s the point of dialogue for artist and spectator. As an artist, sharing a creative environment for many does promote a fluid and effective work ethic, but I believe a hands on approach is more productive. I like utilising my time and resources to investigate and research, standing around in a studio 4 04 Special Issue