ART Habens Art Review - Page 68

ART Habens Ante Kustre favorite prisons” was created in a small bang: after connecting of the mirror and the bird cage, the inner flash showed to me all my favorite prisons and I recognized them, half finished, in my studio. So I turned my sleeves and grabbed the job. My self in that process I experience as a mediator that mediates among different objects and makes their wish come true – the one for mutual fusion. Surprises that I come to refresh me and make me connect things even more. I like to talk and to write about serious problems in an easy and funny way, fluidly. Therefore I use cheap and rejected materials and thrown away objects to art-upuncture the neuralgic points of the collective body. That playful relation of the easy and heavy, low and high, temporary and lasting etc. Gives me possibility to maintaning inner balance easily, which is always threatened more or less on this unstable teritories that generate historical, collective and personal, discontinuums. Because of so much sharp edges, breakups and splitting (which are here the product of a social and political enviroment) I always come back to the technique of a collage, since my adolescence. You have to always and again stick together all those piecees of the ripped reality. For dadaists to have something to paste, the butchery of The World War One had to fall apart before that. After the end of Yugoslavia in a bloody war neo/dada knocked on the door of my atellier and I had to open them. It came to show me that my life is happening between two wars: World War Two and its sequel here in the 90ies (or it was World War Three - small size?). In the 90ies I made an exhibition of collages „Stop smoking War/lboro“; too much smoke from war devastationing was in front of my eyes so, wanting to make myself and others cry of laughing, I arranged an audition of exhibits by principle – who offers less! When the situation is too serious and the pressure too tough, humour give me wings to fly above that what pushes me down. Special Issue Someone said ( it was one German theorist whose name I forgot) that an artist you become, and like a critic you were born. I'm the son of the mother of all critics ( to whom the mother of Marina Abramovic looks like Tito compared to Staljin ). So it was inevitable to become sharp film critic, whom rarely titles could satisfy („My mother was never satisfied“ – Prince). The story about my mother's influence on me in my chilhood exceeds with its weight and deepness well known story of Marina Abramović about her relationship with her mother. The consequences of our similar raisings, under the shining Red star, therefore are of the same caliber, with that that she extremely worked to become planetary popular, B7BFR6RVBbVff'@FF7FFFVFfrג&VP7V&&RBƖ֗FVFǒ&RƗfr7ƗB֗6F6RFV6FVBF&RFP7G&VgFW"ג66Rv2F7vFR7G&VFBvVVFVBF&SFPVVVfW2F&V7F2&VB6W70&&BvRr6FRǒRfPf'v&B&6v&G2"VgB&vB2fPח6Vb7ƗB&&Vǒ2FRv&@VVVbFRW&f&6R6RVWG3$'F7@2&W6VB"6$'F7B2'6VB"Bw2FFR`גWB7FFF&R'6VB06WFW2FR7G&vW7BvF&R&W6VB7&F26VBגv&2FRRbFP67FG2Bf&W2g&FRVR@&F6F6VfvVBB7V'FSFRf'7@6VBVWG2F&7&gB'W'7G2W&R@FR6V6BRvW2VFW"FR&F'2bFP#0@P