ART Habens Art Review - Page 58

ART Habens Ante Kustre overnight, removed from the shelves or thrown into garbage bins: some due to ideological reasons, (ie Marxist literature), and some fiction just because it was published in Serbian language. My personal response to these general attacks to books was series of performances in public spaces in which I burned inappropriate books: “Pretty books, pretty flame” (as a paraphrase of the movie “Pretty village, pretty flame”). I sold books by kilos in performance “Liber – libra” and thrown them into the sea “One book per capita piscis”; and in the performance “Fahrenheit 451” I glued the red plastic folium sign “F 451” near the door of the main bookstore in Split ( which definetelly closed, few weeks ago, as last one bookstore in the town!). .In these years, poverty knocked my door strongly and books from my own library helped me to survive – I used to sell them in antique shops when I ran out of money. As you can see I am fond of flashbacks in my narration, but I need to get back in my answer to your question; actually to Zagreb, which was culturally a very alive city, in the European context, and I was “provincially” hungry. Shortly, I was swallowing books and movies in Zagreb, music and paintings. But I didn’t get fat and my taste stays the same: I still love fat) books and slim women. Zagreb was also the first place of painful rejection and no recognition of me being a visual artist. In that time, hyperrealism was in its peak of popularity and in the bottom of my personal taste.I came to an idea to make a hyperrealisms’ exhibition of portraits: using framed mirrors of different sizes! I would have exhibited one auto-portrait: I would be standing, one to two hours, in the gallery in front of one mirror. There would be a group portrait with the dog too: before the big mirror, I would have tied the dog and the group of spectators would see the group portrait. I presented this proposal to the curator of the SC Gallery, which was a salient spot of contemporary and experimental art at the time. He refused my idea with the explanation Special Issue 23 4 05