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An interview by and , curator curator My study of World's literature and sociology in Zagreb, and my specialization in Montpellier (relations between literature and film) had relatively minor influence on my later artistic work. I have to say, my studies in Zagreb had influenced my work a bit more than my Montpellier experience, especially four film semesters at my literature studies, where I learned to delve deeply in movie structure and analyse it critically, and that was particularly needed as counterbalance to my inebriation by movies that I’ve wildly enjoyed since my early childhood. In 70-ties and 80-ties, I’ve used to watch averagely 150 films per year and I kept detailed evidence on each movie as well as each book I read (40 books per year). I guess I Ante Kustre am the only Croatian who read Joyce’s “Ulysses” and Dostoyevsky’s “Idiot” three times. In these times, I was a “double addict” inclined to casual “literature and film overdoses”. Nevertheless, every addict should face the reality shock eventually. Mine occurred in 90-ties, when war in Ex-Yugoslavia started and Croatia got overwhelmed by anti- cultural and anti-intellectual mentality, from the bottom to top of its societal pyramid. Many books became politically inappropriate 4 04 Special Issue