ART Habens Art Review - Page 53

Haim Levy ART Habens the show in exhibitions or galleries. For example, in my last sculpture series, I created 9 sculptures that express movement, emotion, love, kinetics, relationships between characters, ideas, balance, stigma, etc. The sculptures were made in the studio and were not exposed at all. As an aspiring artist whose works will be exposed to the audience, in the literal sense of public spaces and of course museums and galleries. I have no doubt that this task is difficult and tedious that requires investigation and total investment in art and creativity. In such a thought I created the following sculptures: Detach from reality Lincoln Puzzle Bootlegging Thoughts Woman's faces Artist's self portrait Constant exploration and search for excitement and innovation are the property of the artist in me. The local audience (including my friends from the social networks) are very fond of the series, and I enjoy an encouraging audience, including these days, when I expose another sculpture every time. Recently I try to present in international exhibitions around the globe, Miami, New York, Malaga Spain, Italy and of course Israel. I'm researching new ideas for a series of future sculptures. I am considering accepting a proposal to build a monument. I seriously think of combining painting with sculpture. I am engaged in art with all my strength and energy, as long as there is breath in my nose, I will create art. The audience is indeed an important component of my recognition as an artist in the local and international community. Throughout the interview I mentioned that the audience is important to any artist who declares himself an artist. On the other hand, my investigation as an artist is private and personal in the studio where I work. An interview by and , curator curator The audience is not part of the creative process but is an indirect partner, after 21 4 06 Special Issue