ART Habens Art Review - Page 41

Haim Levy ART Habens in the viewer's mind even after he has finished seeing the work in the exhibition or visiting the gallery. Indeed, the viewer has great importance in the life of the artist, and my opinion is directed at all the artists in the world, the viewer creates criticism that makes the artist rank on his level, in relation to the relevant art and fields. The greatest artists in the world were ranked as breakthroughs by critics and art lovers, the artists themselves created the magnificent works. But if these great artists were living on an island or far from civilization, their art might never have been exposed to the world, and the breakthrough would not have occurred despite the existence of the works. In conclusion, the viewer must come out with an impressive experience that will bother him and make him think again about the work, sometimes it is easy and sometimes have to give a lot of explanations and interpretations of the work, and here I try to let the viewer get by alone, the situation may be interpreted by some viewers completely different. It is possible that certain works do not create any stimulation and enjoyment for the viewer and here the artist must understand his artistic status. In my opinion, this is also part of the art. Any viewer can interpret his own creativity much better than any artist, especially when the work is interesting and stimulating. that is perceived as unreasonable or controversial. My conceptual stimulus is created both in the mind of the beginning of work and in the process of doing it itself. The idea in the specific sculpture "The Butterfly Woman" is based on the figure of a woman who opens her hands wide, the figure is connected only at the foot of her foot to the base, the delicate balance of the woman's position creates calm and gentleness. The woman in the figure sets aside her head gently, as part of the same peace of posture. Until this moment, I found myself burrowing and searching, what is still lacking in the image so that the "twist" I wish to pop up ?, and so I thought, a butterfly or a bird are creatures that suddenly pop up and sit on the edge of a branch or a flower. This is what I lacked in the figure, wings, and then the connection between the human and nature comes up, that is what attracts the viewer's eye. I guess that's what I wanted from the beginning, but it was revealed to me only in search and creation. As I mentioned in the artist's statement, I try to give the viewer an unforgettable and special experience that will remain 21 4 06 Special Issue