ART Habens Art Review - Page 31

Haim Levy The idea from which I drew strength to create was simple: A kitchen knife for spreading with a round tip and not dangerous at all, in a pastoral painting of objects in the kitchen that include this knife, creates a pleasant atmosphere in such a pleasant and sweet painting. In contrast, the knife that is not threatening to be drawn close to a person's throat makes the painting very threatening And not at all pleasant. So that any object in a situation other than the normal can give other influences to the viewer in the work. In fact, all my work in the field of painting in the beginning and in the field of sculpture later, was done in advance pre-work, sometimes sketch or writing and even deep thinking. ART Habens The sculptures you mentioned, indeed stemmed from a deep thought, about how to give another dimension to the work, for example: A Women's profiles, the clay sculpture was carefully done to the face of a gentle queen without hair (as the Bible tells of the ancient Egyptian queen "Nefertiti"), and then I just spread the clay into equal slices, the clay sli \˜X[YHܝ\[XY H[ݙY[HۈH\^\ˈ]H\B]Y\H]H\و^\[ۜ›܈X\[\H]\H\^ B[\H\Y[^XXB[XYHوH[\[[\][ۘ[][ۋ][YHX[H[\H[\[HZ\]\XB]]\HZ[]HH[\[[X]\HوH[]\[[X[][ۋ\H؜\\Y[\˜HZ][܈H[[B[\[HZ\[[ ܈HYZ\\H[[\[\]\[[œ[˂\[HZ[[܈[\HوBܚ[\\HXYH][[[B\][ۈوHܚ[XH[HB\H\\[XYHYۈHܚ›و\ ^H\[Y\ܚHHX[\Y[ [XH[H\XYH[B\]XZ\[H[\[۝[\ܘ\K[و[H\HX\[X]K]^H\HXYH[B[\\\X\] H[^\[قHY]\\[\ۜ[Y\B[Y[[]H[XZ]H[]\܈Z[\[^H\ [B]]HY]\[\[\ H\\\X[YYX[[X[^H\ۈ[Kو\K]XYYH\^H[\]\[\\]H[\X[\[KB XX[\Y