ART Habens Art Review - Page 28

ART Habens Haim Levy give shape and some of the elemental elements. The leading artists you mentioned did indeed notice my abilities and taught me how to combine technical knowledge into art and thus I was more restrained and creative in both artistic and style perspectives. In a modern and communicative era like ours, my Israelian wandered and met external worlds and was influenced by them as well. It is true that in my youth I was hidden around the local art, but soon I was exposed to the international art world and wide fields. The first area where I develop is painting. And from the very beginning I find myself moving from a realist base to paintings that have parts of form and complexity in which I enjoy and "swim" in the fun. In fact, everything I created at the beginning was very realistic, apparently this is the way of every artist, to go through the real world and find his truth, but I quickly became fed up and bored. I have created a direction of thought for myself, every object and form can be moved from their natural place to the point of a new position, which is not necessarily logical and obvious. Special Issue 23 4 05