ART Habens Art Review - Page 227

Suresh Babu Maddilety ART Habens To me viewers are artists too. If the viewer understands, feels and appreciates the artist's work, it means he has the qualities of an artist, leave the negative thoughts. The artist does not have in mind the viewer when he works, for him, work is primary and produces art out of his body. Even the viewer does not have in mind the artist, when he sees the work, for him work is primary and he perceives something that emerges in the brain. But there is definitely a very minuscule part; that is conscious of the viewer in artist’s subconscious. So, it all depends on how an artist’s balances these. Art is a form of expression, a means of communication that we only we have to feel. This is unique to our form of art and not the case with other fields. Every time a new character is added to the art, continuously. That is the art. Thank you very much. The response from people like you and your keenness in my work is very encouraging and gives me more confidence to continue experimenting. I am forming more ideas of art. Let us see what happens. Thank you once again, Art Habens. An interview by and 21 4 06 , curator curator Special Issue