ART Habens Art Review - Page 217

Suresh Babu Maddilety ART Habens Here, I don’t intend to confront anybody, this is not the political act. I don’t want to be judged by my work and be painted as man with a particular political doctrine. I would rather, let it go without any title. I am dealing everything with the Spirituality tone. Sometimes, I am not controlled by an emotion, that’s why I say my opinion. In contemporary art, the artists have their individual choices, and freedom for their own creation. Our response to such works are spontaneous and not a part of a well- planned strategy. Of course, with other aspects, individual stands, political, social and cultural slant, influences the way we deal with the art form. Art does not only stand for strategies, it is the concept of omnipresence. What she said is true to a great extent. Change, is a constant and is bound to happen. There will be shifts and drifts as long as there is creative urge and the ‘restlessness’ and ‘impatience’ to self- express and make a statement persists in the society. That way it is a ‘Revolution in the process of Evolution.’ 21 4 06 Special Issue