ART Habens Art Review - Page 214

ART Habens Suresh Babu Maddilety days. But I didn’t understand those formulations in my academics. Maybe I like the end result more than the process of science in my childhood days. Art might be entered here. Art might be taken over the first stage of my process science. In the future, I guess maybe ‘art of science’ leads the art world…. We have a great history regarding the evolution of artifact and its impact on mankind. Contrary to our expectations, it does not decrease our strain, but, in the long run, it decreases our immunity and happiness. We have been infused by a belief system and follow a set pattern in our lives, lifestyle, thoughts and actions, without questioning them. We give more importance to them, for those, we create priority and hierarchies. I, through my work, invade their comfort zones and disturb them by shattering their conventional lifestyle and smashing their beliefs. I am breaking the imaginary foundation of the traditional creativity and am diverting that purpose. This, in the art world, is an accepted phenomenon. Maybe, my diversion is somewhat different. That is my intention. Special Issue 23 4 05