ART Habens Art Review - Page 207

An interview by and , curator curator Suresh Babu Maddilety information. Thus, I may have collected a lot of information from my childhood. If a situation reacts in a particular way in reality and provides the information, my work is realized. Of course, my surroundings play a big role in creating that situation. My living place of physicality is congested and very spiritual belief-conscious. Different ideologies and everything related to them, no doubt have a great impact on me, and maybe my nature of spirituality blends with every belief system. So, my nature perceives what it wants from these. Hello, abens. What you are doing is also a kind of art. You people are making good artworks. Thus, I am one of your artworks. I wish your work should be appreciated by everyone. There is no particular influence for my work. Maybe it does not depend on a particular time and space; it depends on a whole lifetime and space. My subconscious is built by my nature. So, when it shuffles in reality and reacts to reality I get 4 04 Special Issue