ART Habens Art Review - Page 203

Doria Sharra ART Habens audience reception is not something I take into consideration when creating them. I think it would be impossible for me to work that way. In the Artist Residency I recently took part in in Sardinia (the Premio Marchionni Residency from MAGMMA Museum), I gave an artist talk to a group of young students. Since they study different subjects, they had a myriad of ideas regarding the involvement of the audience with art. Their views were quite varied, and it seems to me that this is a question that is important to for one to consider early on. Since we are living in a time wherein we are exposed to thousands of images on a daily basis, I have to say I agree - art demands a certain kind of effort and concentration. It doesn`t matter if the work draws the viewers in slowly, or takes over them all at once, almost like love at first sight. If a piece is compelling, it will linger in their minds and raise interesting questions for them to contemplate. I strive to create work that makes that connection and sparks that inner conversation. Thank you for having me, it`s been a pleasure discussing my works with you! I have a few programs coming up, and in my studio I will focusing on two series from my current project. The first is inspired by a major new trend in adult toys emphasizes design that might cater to one`s lifestyle, replacing their previous main selling point, which used to be functionality. The result is a multitude of beautiful objects, which one might not know what to do with at first glance. The second deals with questions related to discipline and power exchange. The audience is important to me in the sense of the cultural conversation that the works and myself are part of. However, that being said, the issue of An interview by and 21 4 06 , curator curator Special Issue