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ART H A B E N S C o n t e m p o r a r y A r t R e v i e w Haim Levy Hana Jaeger Jean-Marie Guyaux Ante Kustra Doria Sharra Israel Israel USA Serbia Israel United Kingdom Sculpture is a very wide field, and as an artist constantly looking for excitement and renewal, comes the moment when the artist in me also tries to deepen and understand that the woman's body is a source of inspiration for most of the world's artists, without mentioning famous names. The artist in me is attracted to discover the hidden body of the woman, and create something new every time I approach this kind of creation. The creation of " Temptation " was created with precise work on details and precision that I often dislike, but the importance of accuracy has increased in my work in art related to the woman's body. That an artist like me deals with art, sometimes I deviate from the general and accepted, and creates from the heart. Talk. That is what I do in my paintings. I tell a story, short and simple, true and sincere, devoid of flowery language and superfluous words. We are so familiar with all the things that exist here and now in our close surroundings that they are taken for granted, sometimes not worth a second look, certainly not worth painting…freezing moments devoid of splendor yet, in my view, sufficiently important for me to paint them bustling with life…glorifying them, bringing them to the forefront and highlighting them. With no cynicism or overt criticism .I am "celebrating" the injury. And, like in expressionism that has brought to the fore the underdog, the anti-hero, the weakling, the lonely, the afflicted and the injured – I gaze and peep at people living their life on the margins, imbedded in a concrete expanse, situated in a personal limbo, lacking facial details and imbued with low-level and anti- heroic prosaic features. For over thirty years I have been shooting editorial and advertising work that runs the gamut of still life, fashion and celebrity photography. As an artist I am fascinated by the domain of New Media Art where the few thousand pixels image of the original maker are subverted to such transformation that its original content or genre will only be serving as a construct to a new physicality. My series of iconic imagery originates in the raw data of a picture that is manipulated and distorted via non-photographic software so as to reappear as a new layer of pixels and create an abstraction leading to the re- interpretation of the visual imprinted in one’s memory. By confronting the present, exploration of past and future are left to the imagination. My installation entitled: "My favorite prisons" and consists of several objects, dimensions variable (approximately 3 x 2 x 1 m). One object ( "Modesty") stands on the gallery floor, and three ( "Paradiso", "Vanity Fair" and "Finally freedom") on the gallery wall, above the other objects that are placed on pedestals of different heights (80, 100 and 120 cm ): at its highest is "My most favorite the prison". Items of which the objects are made in the form of geometric sculptures: cardboard boxes for shoes, Styrofoam, filing, wooden picture frames, cages for birds... The tension between the objects and poor materials with the theme expressed by (the fundamental emptiness of human beings and pathetic effort which is trying to fulfill or camouflage) produces a voltage in spiritual space of installation, a dose of humor and self-irony that space refreshes and makes it easy. In my artistic work gladly use this juxtaposition of metaphysically hard and physically light; my vanity is whispering than that my aRTsceticism leads to arte poWera. Like an Elvis impersonator who knows full well that his fantasy is his own creation, yet the reality of it stays fresh and vivid in his mind till the very moment when he releases his body from the tight suit that became known as the rock legends second skin, my work explores the thinness of the line that we tend to draw between real life and fiction. I believe in the subversive power of pleasure, whether it is derived from beauty, humor or sexuality. Employing such artistic tactics as appropriation and parody, my work is at the same time deeply committed to traditional drawing and painting practices. My practice is intensely involved with the theme of transformations and fluidity. By using real life stories and images, my work explores the means by which drawing and painting can be used as performative tools, which allow for imaginative interpretations and alternative narratives to penetrate existence, in an attempt to claim reality as their own. In my work I always try to find answers for existential questions like: is there beauty and joy in our lives?; why do we enjoy living if our strongest memories are of negative experiences?; what is the meaning of life itself?. I see human life as a sequence of emotional states (mostly negative) that we can barely comprehend and make sense of them, drifting from point A (birth) to a final destination - point B (death) - which awaits us just around the corner. I tend to think that moments of happiness are so rare & elusive, unsustainable and deceiving - yet are so needed in our lives - that we seek the meaning of our lives from them. If they are carved out from one's experiences then nothing but blood, despair, misery and emptiness are left. I am trying to look deeper in these states, dissecting them, and represent them in my art. The ultimate question I want to answer can be phrased in the following way: Is there an ethically justified place for us - conscious human beings - in the existenti [[X]Hو\\\[ۜوYKH\BYX[[وYO[[[ۜ[^\Y[\[YX[]K[Z\\\ܛ\\H^BXXو[\\ XHB^\YXXYY\\˂Y\[X\YX