ART Habens Art Review - Page 192

ART Habens Doria Sharra friends, I took on the role of a motherly yet colorful charachter, who dispenced helpful albeit at times kinky advise to my wonderful daughters, two of which were male. A head of an alternative family like in Paris is Burning and a fashion icon in the middle of the wilderness like in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Bruri taught me what I always knew at heart to be true - that it`s perfectly ok to be a pink sparkly Elvis impersonator and a female drag queen, at the very same time. My practice is deeply involved with the topic of transformations, and I think that it is the underlying theme of most of my artistic production. I am intrested in subjects that bring to light questions regarding gender, sexuality and parallel, imaganary and family narratives. I usualy start with an image or circumstance that sparked my imagination and propeled me to construct a conceptual structure for a project. More often than not, these are influenced by the socio-political attitudes that I find are prevalent in relation to the subject matter at hand. My current project - Sideburns and Quiffs part 2: Bruri, is an indirect continuation of a previous project titled You KLI is Wonderful!, in which the images of Elvis and Elvis impersonators palyed a central role. My current project beagn with a photograph of myself as a young child, cradeled in my Mother`s arms, in her mother`s appartment in NYC, right before we moved to Israel. Observing my shy and content expression, I imidiately felt an urge to adorn my younger self with Sideburns and Quiffs - the rock legend`s famous hair style. I agree, many artworks can be considered political, even if they don`t deal directly with specific political conditions. My decision to address questions concerning gender and sexuality, and especially sexual pleasure, as a female artist, definitely constitutes a political stance. The poroject`s protogonist - Bruri, is named after a nick name and alter ego of mine, from when I went to high school in the desert area of southern Israel. Within a close knit group of Special Issue I owe much of my political awareness to my Mother, who was involved in the 23 4 05