ART Habens Art Review - Page 191

Doria Sharra ART Habens Many collueges and friends of mine observed that walking into my studio is like entering a world in and of its own, and I believe that there is certainly some truth to this. My walls are covered with a multitude of refrences and sketches, which together form a dictionary of sorts, of various elements of my visual language. I usually work in the form of coherent projects, which I collect images for from different sources, that eventually occupy my time and fill my studio. I often find that certain motiffs shift from compisition to compisition, so I always examine a new sketch in light of the whole series and the narrative I`m currently working on. There where many times at which a random sketch that was drawn instinctivly and simply to try out a visual element, evolved into much more - into a drawing that is deserving of attention and precision, so nowadays I tend to choose my matariels more carefully. 21 4 06 Special Issue