ART Habens Art Review - Page 19

Max Leach ART Habens I don’t think the role of the artist will change but I believe the growth within communicational technologies will adapt the role of the artist. Taking a more independent managerial position, as well as a creator. These days through technology you are able to reimagine what is possible with both the context and material platform of ‘new media artwork’. In response to Angela’s quote I imagine building work like building a fire, there is the build, the spark, the burn, the flames which becomes the spectacle, but its the ashes that remain after the spectacle where the real work is conceived, the sour taste in your mouth and hole in your stomach that the work leaves after you’ve left the gallery, often due to a change in an event, time or development within the concepts. I support this statement within my theory of my work, I see the role as not only to reveal, but expose the truth of certain situations and concepts. Sköll was an interesting piece to make, as I took as director rather than creator. I was in Thailand for a month long residency and whilst filming the locals from the village I approached them to collaborate in making a sculpture from left over building materials from a small hut down the street. Through the nature and environment there was a dialogue in the making and 21 4 06 Special Issue