ART Habens Art Review - Page 188

ART Habens Doria Sharra and I believe that coming from a dual background is the cornerstone of my fluid approach to various issues. Experiencing both together, and realizing their mutual influence, caused cultures, languages and locations intermix in a way that made me much less prone to binary divisions. This is an approach that I carried through to my work, wherein, for example, I`ve always found the separation between theory and practice to be superficial and extraneous. This allowed me great freedom in perusing my own ideas regarding beauty, especially my perception of beauty, as well as of humor and sexuality, as artistic instruments that can convey the subversive power of pleasure. This sense of freedom also enabled me to search for my own aesthetic, believing that traditional figurative drawing and painting techniques can find relevance in the contemporary post-modern discourse, and it`s also what motivated my diverse academic pursuits. Special Issue 23 4 05