ART Habens Art Review - Page 178

ART Habens Maksim Kuznetcov in a minimalistic way, to achieve the desired psychological effect rather than a cacophony. It would be an interesting experiment to model a society that has a developed conscious perception of the world but lacks any rudimentary ontological qualities. Would art be of any use in such a society? For me, personal experience is an indispensable part of art. Yet, I think the creative process can easily be disconnected from an artist’s past or present; and we can witness this too - LSD or other drugs can be used for this purpose. The qualities I value in art do not usually emerge from a purely disconnected production (or capturing) process, unless by a mere accident. For me, the human element is the key in many works; through the human body, whether distorted or realistic, I can introduce the observer to the messages of my works. Quite often I need to establish human-to- human connection to be established first, as a prerequisite, and then evolve it to express the problem, ethics or emotion that I want to convey. Although it is possible to convey a mood or even emotion through pure abstraction, when a multi-layered complex message needs to be passed, the human object is of much help as we relate ourselves to it with greater ease. Special Issue 23 4 05