ART Habens Art Review - Page 173

Maksim Kuznetcov ART Habens I enjoy working with clay. It is one of the few materials that allows me to work freely and does not usually distract from the process of sculpting. There are known limitations of clay and for complex pieces that cannot be moulded as a single piece, I use plastellin. At times, when I want to achieve effects of statue-like solidity of the forms, I can have choosen plaster and carved the model. Since I paint nearly every sculpture, which changes the surface texture and colour balance a lot, I am not particularly concerned with fine texture of the finished piece, after casting, unless it is metal, of course. Well, I am ambivalent about the statement by Thomas Demand. I agree with it in the sense that art should develop more into the psychological area, although I do not see that these two approaches, i.e. symbolic and psychological, are mutually exclusive. We have been learning how to perceive reality since our early childhood, via objects, symbols and abstract ideas – these are all symbols. The power the symbol can be characterised by the degree the symbol evokes a profound and rich psychological effect. I think the key here is to use symbols, 21 4 06 Special Issue