ART Habens Art Review - Page 164

ART Habens Maksim Kuznetcov statement for the audience if it were expressed in a language that speaks to the subconscious via simple forms. Artists like Vadim Sidur, Henry Moore and Francis Bacon were very successful at finding such language and discussing very powerful and non- primitive questions through their artworks. Aesthetics in art by itself is not very interesting to me, unless it’s used as a means by artists to express an idea versus mere elicited pleasure. There is so much more fulfilling beauty in the intellectual or spiritual dilemmas expressed in art than in, for instance, a perfect drapery technique of Dutch painters of the 17th century. Maybe visual art will never be able to explain the laws of the universe but it can, without a doubt, answer ethical and life-long existential problems, contributing to the development of our society. All the subjects that I produce are very personal; my incessant thoughts and conflicts I see around me in real life. Often, they are triggered by discussions with my friends or readings of philosophy as well as fiction and non-fiction literature. So, the images that form, coming from my subconscious, are rather loaded with cultural or philosophical concepts or symbols. These images are usually a representation of my understanding to a solution of a spiritual, emotional or Special Issue 23 4 05