ART Habens Art Review - Page 163

An interview by and , curator curator I have always valued types of artists that speak to the audience, or as in many cases - just to themselves, with their works in a very archaic, subliminal powerful language; and those artists that pose difficult philosophical or humanistic questions but taking them to the subconscious with the power of their artistic language. I suppose the biggest (and probably most important) task modern visual artists face today is to develop a language as powerful and informative as written literary works. The only way I think it can be achieved successfully and in full is by talking to the subconscious – and this is the advantage of visual art over literature. Maksim Kuznetcov For example, take the centuries old problem of a belief, say religious belief; an artist can take religious symbols and confront the audience with an inner intrinsic doubt that every believer has. This would be a bold 4 04 Special Issue