ART Habens Art Review - Page 16

ART Habens Max Leach surroundings, both movement within the work, and the transgression of different media. I want the work to be able to stand in its environment, in-group shows I want it to be the loudest, in cinemas I want it take control and either in a gallery or on a monitor I want it stare down audience. An example would be a film called Taste of Oxidation, a film that enquires into reality and society; it is constructed through sequenced fragments to create a mosaic montage. Transmitting the work to engage between the perception and physical experience of a space, creating pollutant visual within a cacophonous environment. I have used the public spaces a lot in my work because my work investigates the everyday, it should be projected back into its original environment for testing. I have my films on forums such as 4chan, video networks and even porn sites, I want my work to confront the audience both in galleries and online, attacking them from where they feel most comfortable. My films deal with a post Internet era, online platforms, screen cultures and need to be made available to the mobilised spectator, I don’t want the work to be obnoxiously restricted to a gallery because its categorised as art, the work is a message more than an object and is most effective, shocking and revealing when you come across it browsing your favorites “teen anal compilation”. Special Issue 23 4 05