ART Habens Art Review - Page 158

ART Habens Jean-Marie Guyaux agreement with Marcel Duchamp. L.H.O.O.Q. anybody? audience although I do not want my work to be an open book. I want to provoke by incorporating a layer of mystery. It’s all about “I’ve seen this but never like that. How did it get there? What happened? ”. Getting my style of digital art considered and commissioned, by the Vanbarton Group, NYC a real estate and investment company, for the creation of murals branding one of their buildings, was the validation of my foray into New Media Arts. The size of the work brought forth the beauty of the underlying texture and it’s public display the satisfaction that it would be exhibited to an audience for years to come. When working as a digital artist at times I feel like a painter or a composer. The pixels become both pigments and notes. I mix the pixels of my images or images from others to create either a form of pointillism or samplings as found in Hip Hop music. My digital work expands the imagery of iconic portraits of people and products wi ][\]][ۜ[[Xو[]\[[X[Y[[[[X[]KH[ܜܘ][ۋ\ܘ\Xœٝ\H^HܙX]]H\^BڙX^ܙH\ܛX]]H^[\˜Xܛ\X[[ۚX\\[\ˈ^B[[H۝[[ۘ[^X][ۜقYX[[[ؚX]]K\[\B[\Y\]Y[H][ۘ[[XX]KXY]H^H[[Yۘ[]B[^\HH[\^H\H[Y\H\[Y]\وH\YYٝ\B[[HXX[Y\]X[Hܘ]YZ[œ\[ [[\Y]B[\H\X[\\H[Y]H[B[\ܝ[Hو[][X][]^B[[Y\ MBXX[\YB B\]܂\]