ART Habens Art Review - Page 154

ART Habens Jean-Marie Guyaux image imprinted in one’s memory is meant to trigger a journey back in time. It is the viewer’s familiarity and recognition of the original that forces the exploration of the new. My visions of the physical and the virtual are about confronting the present and exploring the past while the future is left to the imagination. In the book New Media Art, Mark Tribe and Reena Jana named several themes that contemporary new media art addresses, including computer art, collaboration, identity, appropriation, open sourcing, telepresence, surveillance, corporate parody, as well as intervention and hacktivism. For my Icons work I create original sources (Mac & Cheese), buy rights to sources (Zipper) or alter Internet sources (Mickey Mouse). Whatever the source from which the work originates it bears my author's style and personality. It is original and thus protected by copyright. In “[Cariou v. Prince] it is stated that when the transformation results in an artwork that can be perceived by a “reasonable observer” as transformative, it is considered Fair Use. In this I am in Special Issue 23 4 05