ART Habens Art Review - Page 151

Jean-Marie Guyaux ART Habens The surrealism of Rene Magritte impressed and puzzled me in the years of my youth. Later, in the era of analogue photography, the work of Jerry Uelsmann in particular had the same effect. At that time, Uelsmann’s work represented creative and technical feats that I was not ready to tackle. With the advent of digital software, similar work, not always of the highest quality, is now achievable by many with just a few clicks of the mouse. For my representative and realistic work, digital software has become my darkroom. Processing manipulation is kept to a minimum. My approach to the contemporary object is not “look at how beautiful that was” but “look at what a beautiful thing it has become.” I save it with respect as I discovered it. What sets my ”Icons” representation apart is my ability to intensively manipulate the pixels of an image with a mix of photo and other non-photographic software. I create new layers of pixels that generate an abstract and mind-altering hybrid visual. The mystifying re-interpretation of the 21 4 06 Special Issue