ART Habens Art Review - Page 145

Jean-Marie Guyaux ART Habens I always thought that to be satisfying an image has to leave one perplexed. When my camera successfully captures a moment it must be a moment that is at once graphically arresting while simultaneously triggering in me a personal if not visceral emotion. It can often be quite complex, frequently ambiguous, or even distant from the recorded image that is by then frozen in time. It becomes a cinematic still out of an unwritten script open to one’s imagination. It is my intent to expose the viewer to an aesthetically pleasing but transitional moment that prompts reflection. I flash on images that trigger in me an avalanche of visual possibilities, of concepts to explore. What could have been an accidental visual for somebody becomes a spark to my imagination. As a child I could never follow the instruction manual of the erector set. The creator in me needs to take visuals apart and reconstruct them according to my own sense of esthetic. 21 4 06 Special Issue