ART Habens Art Review - Page 142

ART Habens Jean-Marie Guyaux Becoming a photographer was a dream. The epiphany that I could be “Me”. “Me” coming into my own power, free of the proverbial shackles of my upbringing. A few days after this momentous realization (decision) to become a photographer, I peddled a portfolio and… lo and behold, got my very first assignment. A quarter page still life for Harper’s Bazaar! That the fee was $75.00 was of little consequence. I was on my way! Thanks to this glorious start, those around me wasted no time letting me know that I was a star in the making. As such, I had to let Harper’s Bazaar know that I would consider no less than a fashion shoot as my next assignment. Filled with my newly acquired sense of stardom I said as much to Ruth Ansel, totally ignorant of her stature in the magazine world, and thus essentially brought an abrupt end to my glamorous life as a fashion photographer before it even started. It was a harsh reality, but one that spurred me to dig in and re-think my approach to my goals and aspirations. It would be, in part, this hard-learned truth that ultimately spurred me to the build a successful career that would encompass not only fashion, but sill life and celebrity photography as well. ( Special Issue 23 4 05