ART Habens Art Review - Page 13

Max Leach ART Habens this is sometimes deliberate but I try to never encourage it, as I find a political point of view isn’t appropriate or relevant to the subject matters I deal with, as my subjects are sourced from the by-product of a political standpoint. I try to use universal subjects and imagery for the audience. I see art as just an instrument to expose an object, idea, emotion and concept in different mediums that make it a communication tool, or in my case people have said an abstract warning sign. I fine the relationship between sound and image a difficult interaction, sound intensifies the visual and can magnify and focus the attention towards a chosen aspect of the work and this is why I exploit it so much. My methods of making sound is to utilise it as a primary starting point when it comes to structuring anything, I prefer to build a narrative from the sound first and then this provides a guide for generating visual media. Immersion is very important in my work, there is always a push in the development to evoke the spectator’s virtual relation to their My work contains a lot of sociopolitical criticism both visually and theoretically, and 21 4 06 Special Issue