ART Habens Art Review - Page 127

Hana Jaeger ART Habens are accentuated in my painting by foreshortening of the body and by the protruding legs at the foreground of the painting. Another example is the pieta pose that appears in the "Golden Legend" (legenda aurea). The particularly touching pose depicts a superhero compassionately cradling in his arms another superhero, like Mary cradling the broken body of her son, Jesus. There's also a reference in my paintings to the Classics. In his poem, Ars Poetica, Horace coined the term 'deus ex machina', which is alluded to in the painting of the automobile mechanics under a car, who're in a situation where humans might find themselves praying for help, with no exertion, from someone, anyone, not connected, not expected outside source – maybe Superman? A well-known Israeli artist Pichhadze asserted that life is like a snowball that rolls and in time more and more life s ܚY\X][[H[[\HY[ˈ^H[ܘ\X[Xܛ[\Z[H\ۘ]\[^Hܚ]\HZH]܈ HZ[[]\B\H[ˈ]\][\H][ [\HX[[\[H[[H^H^K][Y^H]\[\[܈BZ[[[]]ؚ[ܘ\X[Y[H]\X\[]\\]\[^HZ[[H[\Y[HH[]\[ۙ\[۝^HX[Z[X\[[[ۜ][[ۙB[[]H[K^H[\[\^\Y[H^HHܚY\\H\[Y [B\X\[HX\[H[\X[ۂ]Y[[K[H\][ۋ[Bܙ[\]HK[][[BX[\و\Z[HZ[ [^H[[ۋ\[H]XYH\X^\Y[K] \]HB\\ [˂Hܛ\\[Y[^Hܚ[܂[[X]HY]\\X^\Y[HقZ[[ˈ]\Hܛ[XY\[\›]H[[\XK[\Y۝[\][ۈوH[]\\Y[B۝\و[\KHܚ\XB^H\HXوHXXوBZ[[HܘY[^HX[œ]Y\[ۜX]]ۙ\\ X]B\ۈوH^KHZ[[Y\BY\و\ܙ\H\]ZY]HوBYۋ\H[ۙHܛ]X[[[\H\وHZ[[\[H[]HX\و^\[K[ܙ\XZH]œ\\[ۜ]\\]KH[XYH\[[\ܝ[[^H\ HXH\\[ۛ^KYYK܈H\YHقH\][ۈ]\ۉ\XH][ ] š[\ܝ[܈YH۝^H[]BB XX[\Y