ART Habens Art Review - Page 119

Hana Jaeger ART Habens Untitled 2014 oil & acrylic on canvas 120X150 own self as a person who's very much involved in what's happening all around. I've thereby created some sort of statement, politically and socially. As an artist one can't live in a bubble, detached from the environment, otherwise one's work becomes irrelevant and, in my opinion, also boring. And I, as an opinionated woman, certainly expose my opinion on that subject in my art as well. For the political realm is the sphere of human activity that deals with the forces operating in society and that's what I'm dealing with, only from the small personal angle. And I don't connect it particularly to the part of the world in which you happen to be. Emotions like compassion, morality, and social justice are universal values that 21 4 06 Special Issue